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Im Herbst absolvierten zwei spanische Schüler der Weinbauschule IES Andres de Vandelvira, Albacete, Castilla-La Mancha ihre Praxis in Klosterneuburg!

We, Julio Ponce de León Bernabé and Rodrigo Merino Moya, students in the second year of IES Andres de Vandelvira, Albacete (Spain), (I.E.S. = instituto de enseñanza secundaria = Höhere Lehranstalt mit Berufsausbildung) hereby offer a summary of our four-week internship in Klosterneuburg, Austria.

The internship encompassed two weeks in a microvinification laboratory and winery (Rebzüchtung, Götzhof) and another two weeks in the main institute's winery (Kellerwirtschaft). This unique experience proved to be incredibly enriching as we had the opportunity to learn valuable insights and skills in both settings.

Our time at the microvinification laboratory and winery (Rebzüchtung, Götzhof) involved a range of tasks, including grape reception, tracing their journey through the winemaking process using labels, pressing, and the addition of yeasts, enzymes, and sulfites. This exposure provided us with a deeper understanding of the intricacies of small-batch winemaking.

In the main institute's winery (Kellerwirtschaft), our responsibilities primarily revolved around measuring sugar levels in the tanks and barrels during fermentation, pressing, equipment cleaning, barrel filling, and tank punching. These tasks allowed us to gain practical experience in the production of wines on a larger scale.

One of the most striking characteristics we noticed during our time in Austria was the aromatic and high acidity profile of their young wines. This unique quality left a significant impact on our wine education, and we gained a deeper appreciation for the Austrian winemaking tradition.

The willingness of all the employees to assist us and answer all our questions was exceptional, making the learning process even more enjoyable.

Furthermore, thanks to the Erasmus project organized by Spain and the Austrian school's director, we were able to participate in numerous vineyard visits and training activities, enhancing our overall education.

Our time in Austria was truly unforgettable, and we had developed a deep appreciation for the country, its culture, and the wine industry.

Austria's exceptional young wines, with their aromatic and high acidity characteristics, have broadened our knowledge and passion for the world of winemaking. We look forward to returning in the future to further explore and learn from this beautiful country.

In conclusion, our internship provided a unique perspective on winemaking compared to Spain, offering valuable insights into the different approaches and practices employed in Austria.

We are sincerely grateful for this opportunity and for the hospitality of the Austrian winemaking community.

Thank you for your support and for making this internship experience possible.



Julio and Rodrigo


Veröffentlicht am 14.12.2023